Thomas Scheibitz - Negative Day
Thomas Scheibitz: Negative Day

Thomas Scheibitz
Negative Day

68 Seiten mit 10 Ausklappseiten
20.3 × 27.6 cm
Englische Broschur, Fadenheftung
ed. Tanya Bonakdar Gallery
deutsch / englisch

ISBN: 3-9811050-0-1

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In »Negative Day« the painter and sculptor Thomas Scheibitz presents his work from a new angle. He provides an insight into the realm, which has been off-limits to the public up to now: His studio. This is a collection of photos Scheibitz took at his secluded work place during the past years: photos of sculpture models, revised book pages, text collages, spatial situations. In Negative Day the artist discloses his sources as well as his own photographic view of his work. And yet: Exhibitionism is not the underlying theme of the artist’s latest publication. On the contrary: In his photographs Scheibitz obscures matters rather than creating transparency. The precisely staged details pose as independent works of art. He broaches the issue of the public’s craving for gaining access to the creative nerve center of artistic production. The artist’s status as genius is subject to deconstruction: Negative Day.

Thomas Scheibitz
Negative Day

38523.3644859813084112525 €in den Warenkorb