Diamondpaper #5 - Katja Strunz
Diamondpaper #5: Katja Strunz

Diamondpaper #5
Katja Strunz

8 Seiten
33.5 × 47.5 cm
kuratiert von Karsten Heller, Thomas Scheibitz

14.0186915887851515 €in den Warenkorb
In its fifth edition, DIAMONDPAPER presents another piece of artistic work exclusively created this issue – »FALTGESTALT« by Katja Strunz. Strunz’s paper works and photographs of her objects, as well as the pages of the issue themselves are the material of which the eight full-page collages of DIAMONDPAPER #05 are made. Also available is a special edition of 10 issues, including a unique paperwork signed and numbered by Katja Strunz.

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Diamondpaper #5
Katja Strunz

14.0186915887851515 €in den Warenkorb